Mission: Hurricane Harvey


20 trillion gallons of flood water, $125 billion dollars in relief aid needed, 51.88 inches of rainfall and 900 emergency calls per hour are just a few of the effects of Hurricane Harvey. ABC News calls it a “Historic Devastation” and The National Hurricane Center calls it a “Tropical Depression.” But, to the millions of people in Texas right now this is just reality. While our 24-hour news cycle is filled with images and stories of devastation, there are also many stories of strength, resilience and people helping other people. One of those is former USMC combat veteran and long time Signature supporter, Christian Talavera.


Christian T, an 8 year USMC combat veteran and long time Signature supporter has dedicated his life to helping others. After his service in the Marine Corp, he became a government contractor in Afghanistan helping run the bases overseas. Later he went on to work at the VA furthering his dedication to his military brethren. He didn’t stop there and conducted several humanitarian missions in Haiti and Africa. Now, he is helping support the efforts in Texas for Hurricane Harvey. he arrived equipped with a rescue team. Navigating through the flood waters by boat he and the team began searching for survivors in Houston. Throughout his many missions, he never forgets his Signature Flag hat.


Since the hurricane touched down, we have been bombarded with tragic footage, dire statistics, non-stop news. Luckily along with that, stories have emerged of courage and human kindness, such as those displayed by Christian. Signature just wanted to shout-out its loyal supporter and thank him for all the ways in which he has served. Follow him and his journey on Facebook under the name Christian Talavera. Also you can help the efforts in Houston by checking out Christian’s Go Fund Me here and making a donation.



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  • Jarret,

    As I mentioned to you on a personal level, I will like to once again express how humbled I am for this piece. Service to others has been in my life since a young age. There are many out there who share this desire to help others and I will like to accept the honor of this written blog on their behalf as well. We have the mentality of always running towards the sound of chaos and helping those who are in need. Not for the money, not to become IG or FB famous, but to see the comfort and gratitude in people’s faces when they see you walk up and say, “hi! I’m here to help you.” The relief on their faces and change in body language from fear to comfort is worth the long days, danger and everything that comes with operations as such. Thank you again for this and helping raise awareness so that people who have it in them and are able-bodies will step up and answer the call within their hearts. Thank you!

    Christian Talavera

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